Dewside Dr

Akal Optical, located at 6 Dewside Dr #5 in Brampton, ON L6R 3Y3, Canada, offers a blend of professional optometry services and a wide selection of eyewear. Akal Optical offers fully equipped optometrist office which includes retinography and takes images of your eye and visual field by a licensed optometrist. This optical store is well-positioned to serve the Brampton community, offering both convenience and quality care. This location is 800 meters away from Bramalea Road and Sandalwood Parkway East.

Akal Optical’s location in Brampton also places it within a community bustling with various amenities, enhancing your visit with both healthcare and lifestyle options. Whether you’re a resident or visiting the area, Akal Optical at 6 Dewside Dr #5 offers a blend of quality eye care services and convenient access to the broader health and wellness facilities in Brampton. 

Akal Optical