Sandalwood Parkway

Welcome to Akal Optical, your premier destination for vision care located at 180 Sandalwood Parkway, Brampton, ON L6Z 1Y4. This esteemed optical center is ideally situated for those seeking expert vision assessments and the finest selection of spectacles, offering convenience and quality under one roof. Akal Optical offers fully equipped optometrist office which includes retinography and takes images of your eye and visual field by a licensed optometrist.

Whether you’re in need of a detailed ocular checkup or looking to update your eyewear with the newest styles, Akal Optical and its nearby vision care partner are your go-to sources for all things optical. Embrace the convenience of having top-tier eye care services and an extensive selection of eyewear just a short distance from home, ensuring that your vision health is always in the best hands. 

Akal Optical