Pinedale Avenue

Akal Optical Pinedale Avenue in Burlington offers fully equipped optometrist office which includes retinography and takes images of your eye and visual field by a licensed optometrist. Discover the perfect blend of convenience and vision care excellence at 5010 Pinedale Ave, Burlington, ON L7L 0G3, Canada.
Nestled in the heart of Burlington, this location stands out for its proximity to top-tier optical services, ensuring your vision needs are met with precision and ease. This location is just walks away from Appleby Mall and 1 km from Burlington Fire Station 4.

This vision center is the go-to destination for those seeking thorough sight evaluations and the latest in spectacle fashion. Whether you’re in the market for prescription eyewear or seeking a professional sight checkup, the facility provides unparalleled access to quality eye care and fashionable eyewear solutions. Its reputation for detailed eye health checks and an extensive selection of optical wear makes it a pivotal resource for the Burlington community. 

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